perjantai 24. huhtikuuta 2009

Summer Shine of Incredible Iina!

You can see photographer Nina Merikallio didn't win ELLE Style Awards '09 trophy without a reason! This classic shoot in Olivia 5/09 is a true example of everlasting fashion, bringing our magical 16 years old Iina to the next level. And style wouldn't support that vision if it wasn't created by Anna Komonen - you can always trust on her sight. When crew is perfect, simple things comes alive. (makeup&hair: Jenny Jansson)

tiistai 21. huhtikuuta 2009

Soft & Fragile side of Sophie S

Superstylish Sophie S. takes her step to the softer side of fashion in this Trendi 5/09 editorial photographed by Lauri Eriksson and styled by Claudia Cifu. It seems now, that economical depression is a depression in good way too: It pushes our talented professionals go over their limits and show what they are all about. When wind isn't blowing anymore, it's time to row! (makeup&hair: Anu Levy)

perjantai 17. huhtikuuta 2009

Smoky Emotions

After dark and edgy season, our Emma has found new herself in these smooth surroundings. Is it warm touch of tropic breeze, or hectic atmosphere of Singapore fashion sphere - anyway, it brings her far for sure.

keskiviikko 15. huhtikuuta 2009


Awakening. Shine. Poetic Beauty. Sometimes it just asks the right moment to come out, the right light to create true reflections. Our calm and creative Sara was shot by photographer student Johanna Taskinen, and we bet her future won't be bad either.

perjantai 10. huhtikuuta 2009

Actual A-muse-ment

Photographer Elina Simonen captures the alternative charisma of our Muusa - with her new, perfectly matching hair style. Characteristic, we say.

Soft Summer Beauty

Messages from Maledives - on pages of the latest Maxi Magazine. Emmi shows her everlasting attitude under the winds of Indian Ocean just in time before arriving Paris after Easter.

perjantai 3. huhtikuuta 2009

The Next One to Watch!

This girl goes up step by step. Starting with Modelwerk Hamburg last month, and getting a lot of attention from major networks and agencies, she's ready to move on before summer arrives. Classic beauty with hint of magic charm never dies! Check