perjantai 27. elokuuta 2010

Lord William, We Salute You!

Cool & Classy; that's the way to go in these test shoots from NY, starring our Kirsi, by photographer William Lords. Nothing more to stay - some values are made to last.

keskiviikko 25. elokuuta 2010

Valuable Tuesday with Cheap Monday

Last week Swedes put their best, when it was time for Stockholm Fashion Week. All was seen in three days, but tuesday made it prestige with Cheap Monday show; Kirsi came, conquered and left, when she opened the show that took place front of the sea shore at Riddarholmen. Weather wasn't friend of the fashion lovers, but it gave a good background to the dramatic looks and music in the show.

Check also the video at Cheap Monday website HERE!

sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010


It really seems, that editors in Grazia magazines all around Europe are finding the Finnish beauty. Anu found her way again to German Grazia, that was just founded beginning of this year, but is bringing higher quality than the sister publications in Italy or UK. At least, what comes to photographers and their esthetics. This time Anu take her trip through blooming fields, combining her charisma to one of the legendary Alfa Romeos. Romantic - with strength - by photographer Anna Rosa Krau.Lisää kuva

tiistai 17. elokuuta 2010

Mert, Marcus and W

September is a good month. We've received Vogue US already, and now comes W magazine editorial "Last Bridge to Brooklyn" presenting new way of look of our Kirsi, by Mert & Marcus. And the flow won't stop - stay tuned.

lauantai 14. elokuuta 2010

Strong in Standard

It's great to be cool. But hardly affordable. When the smile of the model should not be fake, it needs right support from behind; the most convenient basic jobs. Those that 'edgy folks' call commercial ones, but who never can pay the same commissions to keep girls going. Our Emmi takes step to be known in large market of Germany giving face to casual & quality label 'S Oliver', in their f/w 2010 campaign.

P.S. This was supposed to be shot in Iceland... everyone can guess, what the skyline would have been looking like, in case the team were there in april...

torstai 12. elokuuta 2010

Good Company for September!

What comes when you combine Pharrell Williams, Marc Jacobs, Stella Tennant, Karlie Kloss, Kristen McMenamy, Christina Ricci, Chinese basketball star Yi Jianling... and then add our Kirsi? You'll get great story in Vogue US september issue, styled by Crace Goddington and photographed by Steven Meisel. Masterpiece.

Check also the video of making:

German Casual

Sometimes the most common jobs give the deepest image of the person; like these basic images of Iina, when she worked for Frontlinership. Now heading to Singapore to prepare next year and starting finally in Paris, she's back to business big time.

perjantai 6. elokuuta 2010

Simplify it!

More simple, more powerful. Effectiveness is not built on quantity, but deep quality. The latest pure portrait of Viivi, by London-based photographer Emilie Muller tells more than words. Positions are taken for the next show season.