tiistai 30. maaliskuuta 2010

Firestarter on the Road

Emma takes stronger steps time after time, now in Seoul starring April issue of AvenueL-magazine. This 10 pages editorial really shows the attitude with class. The girl who only strongest pick up if she's walking side of the highway middle of the night.

keskiviikko 24. maaliskuuta 2010

Crush with Crash

"I'm just wondering how long it's going to take to get this stuff out of my head!" she must been thinking while finding the perfect angle for photographer of this portrait, just out in CRASH Magazine (France). But, we don't complain about the result!

keskiviikko 17. maaliskuuta 2010

Anu for KL Korea

Cute & Classy campaign for KL out now - click here to check.

perjantai 12. maaliskuuta 2010

Picked by Vogue Italia

Marilena Borgna from Italian VOGUE selected the most promising new faces of the season. Check the link!

sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2010

In Loewe!

And then qualified walk at Loewe show. But don't forget check the legendary co-walkers from Style.com!

lauantai 6. maaliskuuta 2010

Paris recalls

Kirsi takes a walk on the calm side - for Haider Ackermann. Check the collection from Style.com!