perjantai 22. toukokuuta 2009

Suits you, Sir!

Look at the more sophisticated side of our noble Jonathan! Just when we got used to his dark and edgy look, we need to learn to see the new brighter side. Pretty sure he's walking straight into the lookbooks with these skills! (photo: Elina Simonen, makeup&hair: Milla Puolakanaho, style: Hanna Sormunen)

tiistai 19. toukokuuta 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Emmi is on speed. Emmi won't stop. Strong statement of innocent beauty by Morten Barnhof for ELLE Denmark came out yesterday, and her agencies really accepted this as an important step forward.

Also spotted by l'Exposure - check it out!

sunnuntai 17. toukokuuta 2009

Parisian Walk by Emmi

If the first impression of Paris back to 2007 wasn't most welcoming for our Emmi, now the city of light seems to salute her every step she takes. Working for brands like Lacoste, shooting magazines like Crash, and getting requests daily, it's making her path looking as sure as it can get. Take a look at the video of her, shoot at Next Paris, and you can be sure her amazing cuteness will hit runways soon!

perjantai 15. toukokuuta 2009

Brand Youngsters Wear Dark Humour

It's going to happen - and we're taking steps forward one by one: becoming the well known country of individual design, special collections for both men and women, and branding Finland as a great base of fashion.

Spotted by Dazed&Confused right yesterday, Daniel Palillo is one of the uprising young designers creating his own path. Known already from L.A. to Tokyo, we are proud that our young strong models Emilia and Jonathan give together face to his creations.

Read the whole article at Dazed digital!

tiistai 12. toukokuuta 2009

Emma is Back - Sleeker than Ever!

Emma just arrived back from Singapore where she succesfully opened her Asian modeling career. Over two months long period ended with perfect final in Audi Fashion Festival, as she walked for names like Christian Lacroix and Vivienne Westwood - and yes, maestros were there, too! Emma's sleek charisma is ready to hit Finnish runways again, before going on internationally.

sunnuntai 10. toukokuuta 2009

Static & Stunning

Check out latest photo of our Ida! She's growing up to become one of the strongest faces of long lasting beauty, and all we expect is the moment of blooming. And new scene of upcoming photographers is not looking bad either, as you can see in this shoot by Björn Suomivuori - gentle finn starting his career after studying 3 years Down Under. Maybe we will see more light combining northern estethics!

torstai 7. toukokuuta 2009


"The summer wind, came blowin in - from across the sea. It lingered there, so warm and fair - to walk with me. All summer long, we sang a song - and strolled on golden sand. Two sweethearts, and the summer wind..." That's all Sinatra! And that's what keep humming in our ears when sun shines, and we're looking at the pictures of our latest new face, Elina T. So, now we just wish, we will not "...lost her to the summerwind."
(photo: Elina Simonen, makeup/hair: Milla Puolakanaho, style: Hanna Sormunen)

Simplicity is Power

As new, talented designer Kalle Riihivainio moves New York to create his career, it's obvious that his very new collection brings face of Jonathan within. Together with the collection, the clear power of simplicity takes the place, and tells true story about rising form and fashion from Finland. These guys are worth of following! (photo: Vuokko Salo)