lauantai 29. toukokuuta 2010

Hey, it's Vogue Italia calling!

We can count with one hand how many models Vogue Italia actually interviews. And do they interview them after 6 months of their start, and via Skype so a girl can easily talk them from her room at home... with company of her dear dog? Our Kirsi did that yesterday, naturally and like talking to one of her friends. And take a look at the article here - the comparison they do, is a true honor in the world of fashion photography.

Take a look:

Above also the first taste of upcoming images she has in July issue of Vogue Italia - taken by Paolo Roversi.

perjantai 28. toukokuuta 2010

The Way She Moves

Viivi is finally getting where she belongs; filling the figure of high fashion, with true esthetic touch. Double cover + eight pages in June issue of AvenueL Korea gives good example what we can expect when she have chance to work with the a-list photographers. (Photography by Lim Han-Soo)

torstai 13. toukokuuta 2010

It's Alive!

See Kirsi and the other girls in backstage video of "Over The Top Glam" editorial shoot, of Vogue Italia May issue, by Steven Meisel. CLICK HERE!

maanantai 3. toukokuuta 2010

The Story Goes... perfection!

We think that Ava Gardner would have said "yes" to this story, too. We are proud Kirsi opens her career with style and editorial, that doesn't die in one season. Vogue Italia may 2010.