maanantai 24. elokuuta 2009

Etherial Elements of Elinor

Sometimes beauty keeps hidden before it's time to bloom - like it's been with our agelessly beautiful Elinor. Finally finding the soul of looking stunning, her new spark brings us feminine and powerful images of the near future of this true talent. After these, we're not questioning if book can be created in Israel. They seem to have the right sense.

perjantai 21. elokuuta 2009

Brand Interview @ Digital & Diamonds

New aspiring fashion & modeling blog, Digital & Diamonds, made an interview with us regarding modeling industry. Take a look!

Check out in the blog also nice interviews with some of the most inspiring new faces like Hanna Rundlöf and Charlotte Hoyer. Northern Europe is definetely 'pop' right now.

Upcoming Face Fronts the Upscale Style

Jasmin takes a calm pose for Catharina Eden to give face to her new creations. Good cooperation between people with Finnish roots but international soul - and high class image that will lead forward.


maanantai 17. elokuuta 2009

Let The Sunshine In!

Autumn is arriving, but signs seem better than in past two years. Fashionably thinking, it's time to let sunshine in, and expect the most amazing s/s 2010 collections to be shown in following weeks, when international fashion week round begins. All this came in mind, when we received the amazing test of our Emmi - lonely picture that has been wandering alone whole spring and finally found its way home from Germany. And we can say; the rest of the world loved it! So, we're happy to inform sun, that she's soon much more under your shining than our northern periferia could ever provide.

Schwartzkopf Media meet Style

10 models from Brand starred classy event, when Schwartzkopf launched their 'Media meet Style' event in Helsinki 13th of August. Style by Teri Niitti, audience had chance to see creations from labels like Dries van Nooten & MiuMiu - and shoes supplied by Nina's. We hope this event will lead to all-time-better salong fashion culture also here in Helsinki, bringing good style and classy atmosphere closer to us. (photos: Francesco Sapienza)

Check also Mariela's blog about the event @ Mariela's Make Up & Hair Stuff !

maanantai 3. elokuuta 2009

Captured Imagination

Jasmin shines in shadows in this set of pictures, photographed by Niko Mitrunen in London earlier this summer. She's one step closer to breaking through, and to be ready for big screen!
(Style: Suchita Kapur, Makeup: Carolyn Gallyer, Hair: Yuhikim)