maanantai 17. elokuuta 2009

Schwartzkopf Media meet Style

10 models from Brand starred classy event, when Schwartzkopf launched their 'Media meet Style' event in Helsinki 13th of August. Style by Teri Niitti, audience had chance to see creations from labels like Dries van Nooten & MiuMiu - and shoes supplied by Nina's. We hope this event will lead to all-time-better salong fashion culture also here in Helsinki, bringing good style and classy atmosphere closer to us. (photos: Francesco Sapienza)

Check also Mariela's blog about the event @ Mariela's Make Up & Hair Stuff !

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Mariela Sarkima kirjoitti...

laitoin myös mun blogiin postauksen, jossa catwalk-kuvia mukana. Check check! :)